CGO Studios recreates some of the most important and impactful moments of history in VR with unprecedented levels of detail and accuracy. For each project, we work with the world’s experts to create THE historical record of the moment. This ultimately allows the viewer to truly witness a moment of history first-hand. With other expertly curated VR historical recreations like the Wright Brothers’ first flight (curation from the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum), Anne Frank’s time in hiding , the first summiting of Everest, the discovery of the double helix structure of DNA, and the discovery of Gold in California, to name a few, we are creating a library of key moments of history for schools, museums, and the general public.


CGO’s unique approach has been recognized in numerous news publications, such as the Financial Times, Fortune, Smithsonian Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, and Road to VR, as well as featured in televised segments on Discovery Channel and even TMZ.


For more information on where to see CGO’s groundbreaking work please reach out on our contact page.