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Rethink Education.|Recreate History.|Reinvent Learning.

We’re rethinking education through stunning, accurate recreations of key historical moments in virtual reality.

CGO Studios is a Los Angeles-based virtual reality studio committed to creating the finest quality VR history experiences, period. We work with the leading experts, such as the Smithsonian, to recreate powerful moments of history and make viewers feel like they are truly back in time, witnessing history first-hand.

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A new virtual reality film will take audiences where they never expected to go: directly inside Anne Frank's attic in 1942.

The Hollywood Reporter

Titled Anne, the movie aims to use cutting-edge technology so that the famous diarist's story 'can live on and reach as many young people as possible.

The Guardian

The perfect way to share Anne's story with younger generations.


Anne Frank's story is one of the most well-known of all time, and now a new virtual reality film will enable the public to experience it like never before.

Entertainment Weekly

As a child doing my school-assigned reading of The Diary of a Young Girl, I drew upon the words of Anne Frank’s diary to picture what life must have been like for her...Soon enough, youngsters of a new generation will be able to virtually step into the scene itself.

Road to VR

Though Anne didn’t survive the Holocaust, her words immortalized her experience—and now... her story will become even more immersive thanks to a virtual reality movie.

Smithsonian Magazine

Hirsch has already developed a knack for attention to detail in VR: an earlier experience, First, portrayed the Wright brothers' first flight with uncanny accuracy... ["Anne"] could do a lot to convey Frank's story in a more immersive way.


Virtual reality is poised to become one of the hottest new trends in filmmaking... fingers crossed that Anne will be a piece that creates empathy with Frank and her struggle in a way that her words alone could not convey.

The Nerdist

One of the most well-known stories from World War II and Nazi Germany is getting the virtual reality treatment on the silver screen.

Fox News

Her diary is one of the most famous and enduring accounts of the Holocaust. Now Anne Frank's story is to be turned into a virtual reality movie, taking you right inside the attic where she hid from the Nazis

Daily Mail UK